Wednesday, May 28, 2008

enjoy the ride

i know i made the right choice, to be a stay at home mom. the thing is… that with that comes certain sacrifices. like having to taking the bus. sometimes i worry that it’s not fair to the children, also having to make sacrifices, even though they are too young to realize they are sacrifices. as we sit on the bus, that is too crowded, we are squashed and uncomfortable and pushed into a single seat like a can of something…and i think…”what have i done wrong”? then finally, we get off after a final ding of the bell and grasp a breath of fresh air. i push maelee... and pull amory along the street, dragging myself to the appointment we need to keep… wondering “what have i done wrong”? then as we walk, i am holding amory’s, little, warm ,perfect hand and he looks up at me and asks “tell me more about when you were a little girl”. i look down at my little rose in the stroller, fast asleep with her fairy wings tucked behind her all askew and i begin to tell my stories that even i had forgotton about. we then stop at the corner waiting for the light to change…and i look at the smiling, passing faces and i can see that they are thinking “there is someone who is doing it right”. we continue to walk and talk, in our own little world. everything around us is bustling and still at the same moment, as we enjoy every second that passes us by. and i remind myself that this is what it’s all about. my heart sinks as we arrive at our destination …and my heart longs for our next bus ride.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

locks of love

after nearly a year i had the thought that i needed a hair cut. at the same time i saw an episode of oprah. no, i don’t watch oprah (buy a mountain people) it just so happened to be on where i was. And as i was watching Hilary Swank came on, talking about donating hair. i had heard of this before, but at that moment in time it was a crystal clear. i needed to cut my hair and i needed to give it away. from that moment on it seemed pointless to cut my hair just to cut my hair. so it was decided…i would cut my hair for locks of love. after all, they only need 10 inches to make some child very, very happy. and change is always good for you. i will admit that it came out much shorter than i had imagined, but when i think that mine will grow back…and for some people it won’t…it makes it all worth while.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my double delight

this photo was taken at our neighbor’s house. last summer my little ones would go over to her house and play in her sprinklers. they always had a blast. of course the fun was always followed by some sugary item (cookies, candy, cookies and more candy). Lois also has the most beautiful roses that i’ve ever seen. they are called double delights. they smell and look absolutely gorgeous. and very much remind me of my Baby Girl. she is more than an double delight, but you get the idea. sadly Lois is 85 and has moved into a retirement home…so this summer we shall have to admire the beautiful roses from across the street. unless, of course, we make friends with the new neighbors.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


here is the rusty pickle entry for may.
and no, there were no children harmed in this photo shoot. he just got a little scrap from sliding one foot down on his favorite tree. and yes, as i was taking the pictures all the other mom's at the park did look at me as though i am the worst mother alive for photographing my son's pain as he screamed "painful" over and over, very loudly, i might add. but he is fine. a kiss took away all the pain.
p.s.hopefully you fellow scrapbookers will understand.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

smiles are contagious

bet you didn't know that smiles are contagious. all i have to do is take my little guy to gymnastics and i can smile for an entire hour, because he is smiling for an entire hour. having children is magic. it helps you remember what pure joy really is. when Amory smiles in that hour there is a ball of sunshine that comes from his belly and shines through his smile for all to see.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

laugh with me

i know this is also at the bottom of the blog...i love it so matter how many times i watch it...i still giggle.