Saturday, July 19, 2008

just wanted to share a peek of the wonderful prize package i got in the mail from Daisy D’s. how exciting! i’d love to share with you guys so let me know when you can come and crop…. tracey, you are already booked = ).
p.s. they have a contest every month you should try it. go for it!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

firework extravaganza

it’s not often that the English celebrate their defeat…but fireworks are so much fun that I put my pride aside and celebrated the 4th with those that I love dearly.
besides slicing my finger open with the forever sharp knife® (and let me tell you the knife lives up to its name). and getting a huge migraine at the celebrations, having to go to first aid and then throwing up my festive lunch (very colorful), the day was perfect.

the fireworks were more than amazing, but the looks on the kids faces while they were watching them were priceless! as the rest of the stadium was watching the show in the sky I turned to the children and tried to capture their awe. when I think about their expressions a week later it gives me happy chills.
so here’s to celebrations…with those you love close by. i can’t explain in words how much my family can lighten up a dark night. thank you…

p.s. thanks to sheila in first aid for taking care of me…