Thursday, June 26, 2008

just socks and toothpaste

it’s late and i am missing my husband who is hard at work…still… luckily i had the car today and was able to pick up a couple of simple and necessary items. not much really, but i’m hoping that it will put a smile on his face when he comes home…even later than now.
so to my dear husband, who i madly love…goodnight and i hope you fall asleep with a smile in your heart. i love you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

my greatest gift is you…a new class.

this is a first year album. we will go all the way from month 1 to month 12. The album opens up from the middle to display 4 months at a time. i have wanted to finish my little girls portrait album for two years…yeahhhh! i finally did it. so come join me and make one for a baby on the way or a baby that has now grown into a toddler or kindergartner or 1st grader…you get the picture. just come and take the class. a boy version will also be available. date and time tba.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

we love you

my husband’s fathers day:
1. breakfast in bed, made by the children.
2. saw Indiana Jones at the movies (with the big kids)
3. came home to some warm pizza.
4. had a soaking wet water balloon fight.
5. played a few games with the fam.
6. ate some yummy chimichangas.
7. fell asleep on the couch.
8. felt loved by all.
i can’t thank you enough for being an awesome father and of course husband.
we love you!!!xxxooo

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

you are my...

i can’t believe it. i won the Daisy D’s june challenge! when i was working on the layout i just couldn’t get it right. i even cut around the photo a couple of time because i hated what i had done. the challenge was to use their rub on tapes that look like stitching. last thursday i was complaining to the class i was teaching that i had to go home and finish one of “those” layouts. you know the ones that you just can’t finish, because every time you touch it, it just gets worse and worse. when it was finally done…i took a picture of it and slid in just under the deadline…time had passed and i decided to shoot off an email to see if i could find out what the winning projects looked like. to my surprise back came an email saying i was chosen for 1st place. unbelievable!