Friday, August 15, 2008

tomorrows flowers

i can’t sleep…as you can probably tell by the time of this post. i’m going through, or about to go through a huge transition. in fact, several of them. so i’m wishing that I had a shut off switch to my brain at this point. ‘cause when i can’t sleep, i don’t get enough sleep and when i don’t get enough sleep i get flustered and cranky. which is fine if you don’t have to be around me…but my poor family does. i guess i’m lucky that they love me so much.
anyway just thought i’d post a layout i did a while ago…featuring my precious girl and some cool rusty pickle product.
i hope you are all sound asleep dreaming sweet dreams.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


here is our new taste of freedom. after getting over buyers remorse…i am so ecstatic that we have a second vehicle. i had my eye on a minivan, but that was not to be at this point in time. if you have never been without a car, it’s hard to explain how limited your freedom actually is.
today i took the kids to the grocery store during the day. we didn’t have to wait for jon to get home to go food shopping. it is such a simple thing, but it was great to be able to say “we need to go to the store” and actually be able to get to the store. we left when we wanted to leave and we came back when we wanted to come back. having this car means that if we want to go to story time…we can go to story time…wherever we want. it means that i can take the kids to school. it means that i can schedule all of the kid’s activities during the day, instead of during dinner time. it means that we can get out and be more involved with the world and everything around us. i feel like someone has just opened the door on the bird cage and now we can fly whenever we want to or need to.

Friday, August 1, 2008

the beach

this was maelee’s first trip to the beach. we had the car and we took off to see the sea. after a picnic lunch the kids ran straight for the water. which I never imagined would happen as amory is petrified of water.
it was quite a sight to see the kids heading for the water and ty heading after them in his “tight black pants”. yes “tight black pants”. i guess it’s all the rage…but at the beach?... really.

seeing them play together is a dream come true. ty is an awesome biggest brother and if you could see how the little ones look at him your heart would melt. at the end of the day we have some awesome memories and of course a lot of sand in our pants (especially ty).