Saturday, November 6, 2010

happy halloween...mwhahahahahaha

mwahahahahahaha…halloween is over and we are returning to normal. that was a crazy couple of weeks leading up to that spooky holiday. but the costumes were made the fall festival was thrown…and all was a success. i have never seen the kids so excited for a holiday…i can’t imagine what christmas will be like this year. lol.
every year, i’ve been saying that i will make the little ones costumes and my costume and jon’s too…this year i finally did it. Jon was a penguin per amory’s request. and i was blueberry muffin…per maelee’s request. so here they are…our halloween pics…try not to laugh too hard at me and jon;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

august challenge...

ya know...everything comes in threes:) so let's use that principle for this months challenge. try and do three things three times. For example in my lo i used:
1. 3 pictures.
2. 3 different kinds of circles (buttons, painted circles and circular journaling blocks.)
3. 3 yellow knots of embroidery thread. so now it’s your turn…go ahead and start creating…let’s see all of those sets of threes. p.s. i swear i don’t have ocd. lol;)

pulling strings

so there it is:) hop on over to the treasured board and see all the other wonderful challenges...maybe even play along with a couple:)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

more bobunny happiness:)

so here they are. the last three items for my bobunny call…two cards and an altered lamp. phew…so happy that i completed this one and submitted:) i was going to use an altered canvas as my altered item, but then found this lamp in my hallway closet and the shade was ripped…so i made a new one. tfl.
i'm in love...with you
it's not the same...without you

the hallway closet lamp...revamped:)

i hope you know how beautiful you are

i just couldn't decide about this one...i love it, but thought a more obvious altered item might be better. i'm so indecisive. lol tfl:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

bobunny beach adventure

on monday we set out on an adventure! we headed out to the ocean to enjoy the view…only apparently to see the view you have to pay an arm and a leg. lol. every where that we came across was way to expensive to park. i just can’t justify spending money on parking. yes i know that’s crazy…but i just couldn’t do it. so 3 hours later, we finally found a place to park our car…free of charge…and yes the beach was super close. hooray! so we got out…played at the beach for 20 minutes (just enough time for amory to get plowed down by a wave and want to go home)and then got back in the car to come home. lol. so these pictures are form our little adventure:) i think i have learned my lesson though. next time i will bring the $15 and park right away. hahahaha:) tfl

as you look out at the ocean, i look at you and see that you are full of wonder and beauty.

almost all bobunny product:) i also used crackle accents on the letters and a rusty pickle tag.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


ever since i heard that bobunny was having a design team call i have been totally torn. i’ve wanted to try out…but didn’t know if the folks over at bobunny would like what i do with their goodies. so earlier this week i threw caution into the wind and started on my bobunny stuff:) I decided that i love working with their product so what would be so wrong with having more of my projects done with a wonderful companies product? It’s a win win:) so here is my first layout that i’ll be submitting…with all my fingers and toes crossed. tfl

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

some july treasures...

a wonderful couple of weeks creating some layouts…of course with the treasured scrapbooking july kit. what wonderful colors this month. i know i must say that every month. that’s because…i love what erin picks out:) so here are some of the creations i made for treasured scrapbooking...

it's girl time...she says with her hand on her hip and a sass in her voice

shh...these quiet moments are amazing...
the beginning of our adventures as the acosta clan:)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

laugh every day:)

the title of this layout is: you still make me laugh…even if i don’t always admit it. yes this counts for the broccoli voodoo dance you do and all those silly jokes you make…even when i look at you with that…”really” look. so this one’s for you babe. thanks for all the laughs as we head to our 8 year anniversary.

this layout was made using the fabulous july treasured scrapbooking kit:)