Sunday, February 1, 2009

roughing it?

have you ever had one of those outings where your heart is so happy and you keep telling yourself…i want to remember this forever? well i just had a whole weekend full of that. this is probably why there are so many pictures in this post. the kids were so happy! (exept for when amory scraped his knee, burned his hand and exhaustion set in, but you get the picture). when it was time for us to come home amory asked if we could stay another 20, 58 hours…which makes loads of sense to him. the other side of his argument for staying was, “i can’t go home…i’m allergic to the house.”
it’s amazing how there can be nothing but nature around and kids find a million things to do. they never run out of ideas. they are constant inventors of adventure. when i sit and watch it is even better than “desperate housewives.” and if you know how much i like that show it would give you an indication of how much i enjoy watching my children.
who would have thought that 5 of us cramming into a tent smaller than our bathroom (and made for 2 people) on a cold night could be so delightful?

top ten of the Acosta campout
top fifteen of the Acosta campout (ten just wasn’t enough)
1. seeing amory and maelee truly glow just at the thought of camping.
2. amory saying to one of his friends…”i wasn’t supposing to see you here.”
3. feeling the warmth of the campfire inside and out.

4. finding out that they had veggie burgers as well as the beef variety.
5. feeling the wind rustle the tent on the outside when we were all snuggled up on the inside.
6. being woken up by kels, thinking that there was a cat outside, only to inform her that it was just the cell phone dying.
7. unzipping the tent in the morning and seeing what the campsite looked like, having arrived in the dark.

8. cooking pancakes for everyone.
9. watching kels and maelee walk off together to play.

10. seeing amory make new friends.
11. amory’s amazement when we got to the creek.
12. watching my husband start a fire.

13. maelee driving around in the little ice cream truck selling ice-cream to everyone.
14. the boys sculpture….made out of huge branches they found… and toys.

15. not having a tv.
ok...just 1
all in all we had unforgettable weekend. jon came back wanting to sell all of our belongings and buy nice tents for the family, sleeping bags and all the other camping stuff you need. he was ready to abandon the life we have for a life in the wilderness. although this is tempting…we came to the conclusion that it would probably not be the best idea.