Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st day...

here we are in september of ’08 and my little ones are heading out to school. for the past 4 years amory and maelee and have been in our own little world. it was just us all day long. we woke up together. had a leisurely breakfast together. thought about what we wanted for lunch and quietly ate small bites together. then we would sit and wait for daddy to come home. we have been cocooned by each other, while the earth whizzed around us at lightening speed. it’s been such a precious time together, like nothing i could have imagined. so here we are in september and the first day of school has passed for both of them and for me too in a way. things have changed. not in a bad way, but they have changed. we move on together to the next part of our lives. we’ve jumped into a big pool together…a pool called school. and the only words I can mutter are “thank god for floaties”!

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