Thursday, June 25, 2009

amazing race #1

the assignment was tu use the gametime line to create a double 12 x 12 layout based on this sketch.

and this was my result
"a shot at perfection"

{out for publication!}

these photos were taken on mother's day this year...i was trying to get a great photo of me and the little ones. you know the kind of photo that you want to look back on and remind yourself of how great things were? (I swear I’ll get off this theme soon.) i didn't get 1 picture...i got a bunch of pictures, with something special about each of them.
the girls did some amazing layouts too. you should check {them}out for inspiration.
i'm off to check out the next clue!!!!!


Jules said...

Gorgeous LO ...I love the buttons and the fact you did not do sport photo's very clever...LOL at the comment you left on my blog I have never been looked at as stiff competition before..I think you are going to give us all a run for the money as well you totally rocked the first assignment.Can't wait to see what you do for the 2nd assignment.

Anonymous said...

This is totally amazing. All the work you must have put into this Noeleen. Well done, and good luck, it truly is a work of art and something you will be able look back at with pride and remember the good times.