Thursday, September 10, 2009

amory's first day of kinder...i can't believe it

the day has arrived…amory’s 1st day of school. i can’t believe 5 years have passed since i held him in my arms as a new born baby…with sweet smelling breath and the softest skin known to mankind. there he was completely helpless…only needing to be loved, fed and changed. i did everything for him. he only needed me and his family. and now here he is, moving outside of our quiet (well to be honest sometimes not so quiet) bubble. i’ve almost seen his every moment and been there for every part up until now. and now it is time to let go and share him with the others. well…i’m not very good at sharing, so this is very hard for me, heartbreaking in fact. i did manage to get through drop off and even the ride home with a smile holding my face up, but now thinking about it and writing about it…makes me realize that life as we’ve know it for the past 5 years is over and a new phase is starting.
we didn’t get there as early as planned this morning, so photos were a little rushed. plus once he saw his friends all he wanted to do was sit by them and hang out. he’s already got a little posse that he calls his friends. so cute i might add. you should see them together. so i know he is in the right place. it’s just that a part of me wishes my arms could be the right place forever.

with the teachers leading an adios…the parents all waved with feigned smiles and took the trek down to their cars and drove off without their kindergarteners…for the first time of the rest of their lives. we were the last out to our car…reluctant to take that walk down and say goodbye. it was just an empty street and us driving away…counting down the hours till i get to pick my baby up. four hours to go…still counting.


Pamela said...

Great pics! And you will be fine. I have to laugh because I remember being there last year. But it's awesome that he already has friends there!

Anonymous said...

OHHHH, I feel your pain woman! I still have Jakob's first day of school pictures and it was quite a "painful" day for me. He didn't bat an eyelash, but I went home, sat on a big chair and bawled my eyes out. What a gift to spend SO MUCH time with them between the ages on 0-5. I wouldn't have changed a second of having him with me every waking moment in those years- PURE HEAVEN!!! You've put all your precious qualities into that little boy- Now he's ready to conquer the world (or at least Kindergarten)