Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the beginning of xmas...

with the new year approaching (like within 24 hours) i am sitting for a minute and reflecting over the christmas holiday. where did it go? when school ended 2 weeks ago, i thought thank goodness i have 2 weeks of quality time with the kids and now that i have blinked those 2 weeks are nearly over and it will be back to the regular routines. so i wanted to go back and catch up on the holiday right from the beginning…our tree. every year (since amory was 1) we have taken the polar express to chop down our own tree. it sounds like fun and it is, but there are so many to choose from! so we spend so much time wondering around the tree farm. you should see us, i’m sure to an outsider it’s pretty amusing. i think all of us are hugely indecisive. no one wants to be responsible for a bad tree when we get home. so long story short, it takes us forever and we need a consensus before we start cutting so we can all be equally responsible. lol. it was the boys year to do the actual cutting (which honestly was a relief, because it was much harder than i thought it would be…shhhhh don’t tell the boys). so here’s to another year together, searching for our tree, cutting it down, strapping it to the car, making the long drive home and decorating it with all the things that are familiar to us. i hope that all of you had a merry Christmas…as we did!

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