Sunday, March 14, 2010

scrapbook treasures...

i am triple tasking. i love to make use of my time and i love to scrapbook…so i am trying to get as much done as possible. over the past few weeks i have gotten some layouts done that i have really been wanting to do and i have found the perfect motivation for getting them done…work and a contest!
here are the last two layout that i have done. with gorgeous paper from my local lss, hearts-n-crafts and for the we love our members contest over at treasured scrapbooking. thanks for looking.


on st. paddy day last year...amory was convinced that he could actually catch a leprechaun. the little piece of green felt in the the "actual" piece of fabric left behind by the leprechaun. i can't believe i was able to hold onto it for a whole year. thank goodness i finally got this lo done. lolthe journaling reads:"your catch a leprechaun. your mind never stops working. to you all things are set the trap then sat and waited, excited...hoping to capture the elusive character. in the morning all that we had caught was a piece of his green, felt coat. he had escaped, leaving tiny, glittery footprints i sit back and watch all of the possibilities flash across your eyes...i am amazed and humbled to be your mommy. maybe one day we can catch that leprechaun together."

i hope you always remember this feeling

maelee’s smile is so huge in this picture. whenever i look at it…i smile just as big. i love capturing these moments…and i love preserving them in scrapbook style too:)


ellen s. said...

i am so gald i found your blog! that is so funny about amory b/c my son has made a leprechaun trap for the 2ND year in a row!!! he is totally serious about it, too

i love your layouts!!!

Teresa said...

You are just so talented! Keep up the amazing work:)

erin said...

you have a beautiful, free style!