Wednesday, July 21, 2010


ever since i heard that bobunny was having a design team call i have been totally torn. i’ve wanted to try out…but didn’t know if the folks over at bobunny would like what i do with their goodies. so earlier this week i threw caution into the wind and started on my bobunny stuff:) I decided that i love working with their product so what would be so wrong with having more of my projects done with a wonderful companies product? It’s a win win:) so here is my first layout that i’ll be submitting…with all my fingers and toes crossed. tfl


Rebekah Lindenmayer said...

So adorable! You take the cutest pictures. Em just lost two teeth in two days and my pictures look horrible I wish i would have seen this before the tooth fairy came :) miss you

Pamela said...

So glad you are going for it!!! LOVE your layout! :) (I submitted we can cross our fingers together)

JuliesAddiction said...

Add me to the submitted too :)

Love your layout and I agree, you take the bestest pics :)