Sunday, November 8, 2009

the little duck ramp is so cute

i remember running when i was younger. the fun run was one mile and complete torture. so i don’t really know why at 35 i decided to run a marathon. call me crazy! today i ran a 5k…i know i have a long way to go for the marathon, but i can honestly say that i never thought i would think that three miles was ”nothing”. it was so pleasant and enjoyable. sure…i wasn’t running to break any records…but i was running. and i ran the whole time…something else i didn’t think possible. the feeling that you get from finishing something is amazing. so many things get forgotten about or put of in life…and to actually be able to see the word “finish” and cross that line is something that you rarely get to do in day to day life. last night i convinced ty to run also. he got up with us at the crack of dawn and started the race like everyone else. only he finished in 3rd place for his division. he’s kind of like his dad…good at everything without realizing it. he is truly talented in so many ways. the last time he ran was about a month ago. He hadn’t really trained for this or anything. just a last minute decision. he finished in about 25 mins. i don’t actually know what time i finished as my name got left off of the list. kind of a bummer, cause it would have been a nice finishing touch to crossing the finish line…but that’s ok. it was probably around 40 mins. and i know you’re thinking i could probably walk 3 miles faster than that…and you would be right. running didn’t really become fun for me until i only started competing with myself and no one else. so for now that’s just what i’m going to do.i also had the privilege of running with rickey and jake. total troopers. rickey says he committed to today because i caught him in a moment of weakness. but i think he secretly enjoyed it;) and well jake…he won 1st in his age division! so congratulations to all who ran today!
some things i learned from my 1st race:
1. maybe pants are better when it’s foggy and cold outside.
2. life is about more than winning…it’s about living.
3. speed walkers are actually faster than me.
4. pay close attention to the route markers! Do Not get distracted by the cute little duck ramp! You will get lost!
and finally…
5. go to the bathroom before you start the race.

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Heidi E. said...

Great Job Noeleen.. Love all the pictures to capture the moment aswell.