Friday, July 17, 2009

did you know i'm a pickle?

yes…i’m as thrilled as a pickle! i am so happy to be a rusty pickle chef. after two weeks of racing and three publications i am now a full fledged pickle girl! super exciting! thanks to everyone who helped me along the way. thanks to my family who put up with a very messy house (still to be cleaned…btw), fed themselves and well, were super encouraging. thanks to my sis…who stayed up late…well actually all night to keep me company. thanks to my nieces and nephews who only got to see me for a couple of days, but still let me get my work done. thanks to all the pickle girls and amazing racers for the support along the way (especially at the end when i needed to get my three pubs). thanks to my friends for all the encouraging words! and of course thanks to rusty pickle for the opportunity. you all ROCK! so make sure you stop by the rusty pickle blog to see my name as a chef…and if you want to see my publications..check out ready, set, create. not sure which issue they will be in…but go ahead and subscribe anyway! thanks again!!!!!!!!!

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