Saturday, July 4, 2009

i hope you soar...#5

the race is going by so fast!
this is for my littlest one maelee rose.
the title sticker originally said "pirate princess" so i painted it and then stuck it through my printer for the new title "i hope you soar"

you are my treasure

when i see you standing there
and searching for the word
i wonder what is going on
deep inside your head

i wish i could just take my hand
and dig around in there
and flip a switch or plug it in
or turn your world around

instead i stand and wait and wait and stand
until it finds it’s way

sometimes it comes
sometimes it goes
and so we sit and wait.

(the paint on this page is "crackled" can't see that deail in the pic.)

word by word
and sound by sound
not even syllable
i hang on them like monkey bars
and dangle sometimes impatiently
waiting for the rest to come
sometimes so easy
sometimes forgotten
somehow they will come through.
(i layered the color photo on top of the b&w.)
most see you when you are quiet
few hear your heart.
i am one of the lucky ones
i know who you are
i hear your words
i hear your silence
i hear who you are.

my dream for you:
to find your wings
and fly so high you see?
to not be bound by anything to be so free you see
i will believe for you and me
i will be standing by…you
for you will fly from hear to there
and spread your wings so wide
and when you do I will be hear to listen to all of you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Noeleen, it's been great sharing this experience with you. I loved your title I Hope You Soar, so, so beautiful, Tiff from Oz xx.

Lynda Allen said...

Amazing work Noeleen. The last page is my favorite.