Friday, July 23, 2010

bobunny beach adventure

on monday we set out on an adventure! we headed out to the ocean to enjoy the view…only apparently to see the view you have to pay an arm and a leg. lol. every where that we came across was way to expensive to park. i just can’t justify spending money on parking. yes i know that’s crazy…but i just couldn’t do it. so 3 hours later, we finally found a place to park our car…free of charge…and yes the beach was super close. hooray! so we got out…played at the beach for 20 minutes (just enough time for amory to get plowed down by a wave and want to go home)and then got back in the car to come home. lol. so these pictures are form our little adventure:) i think i have learned my lesson though. next time i will bring the $15 and park right away. hahahaha:) tfl

as you look out at the ocean, i look at you and see that you are full of wonder and beauty.

almost all bobunny product:) i also used crackle accents on the letters and a rusty pickle tag.


Rebekah Lindenmayer said...

So funny we were there on wed and we paid the $15 but it was so cold the kids took turns sitting on my lap under the towel. I still love the beach even when it is gray and cold! Cute page of course, love the ribbon flower!

Teresa said...

Good luck for the Bo Bunny Call!!! They really need you, you are an amazing and talented artist!!

Teresa H.